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Hash power

  • All robots have such a parameter as hash power that depends on their rarity and equipment items:
    Common have less hash power
    Rare have more hash power
  • The hash power of the robot can be changed in response to changing equipment items


  • $JUNK is the local currency in Los Machines
  • A player can send one or more of his robots to mine $JUNK
  • $JUNK can be spent in closed auctions at the local Black Market by purchasing special containers.
  • Closed auctions is a kind of lottery where a player can win good weapons, armor and other goods, which are very much needed, in Los Machines
Drunk Robots - Robots
  • One of the clans of robots called “Mechanix RC” created workshops to repair themselves and their own kind.
  • Each robot, in case of need for repair, had to hand over a certain number of parts, electronics and scrap metal, and for these points he was awarded with $JUNK. With these points the robot can buy a container that includes equipment or weapons.
  • As a result, $JUNK turned into a kind of local domestic currency.
  • This is how the era of scavenging began. Every self-respecting robot, if he wanted to be in working condition, or just survive in another shootout, would have had to devote several hours or days a week to find and mine $JUNK, which, in the end, became no less important for the residents of Los Machines than METAL itself.